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The UK Glamping Pocast - Episode 1

Unlocking the Glamorous World of Glamping: A Dive into the UK Glamping Podcast hosted by Glampitect and how Nick Purslow, put down his law books and became the Managing Director of Glampitect North America!

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Welcome to the UK Glamping Podcast!

Welcome, glampers and aspiring entrepreneurs, to the new series of the UK Glamping podcast, brought to you by Oliver Rimmer, Senior Sales Consultant at Glampitect.

In this exciting venture, we embark on a journey through the ins and outs of setting up your very own glamping site, delving into the experiences and insights of industry experts and pioneers.

A Law Degree to Glamping in North America

Today, we kick off our podcast with a special guest: Nick Purslow, Managing Director of Glampitect North America.

Nick's dive into the glamping world shows just how captivating this industry can be. Looking back on where he started, it's clear that Nick's shift from law books to glamping pods was driven by a craving for something more satisfying and financially rewarding.

His journey, from writing a blog for Glampitect, to becoming a Managing Director at Glampitect North America, highlights the exciting chances you can find in the glamping scene. 


Calum MacLeod CEO of Glampitect, and Nick Purslow Managing Director of Glampitect North America exhibiting at the UK Glamping Show, 2021.

"Calum and I had those beers after a show..."

Back in 2020, Nick was writing a blog for Glampitect, during their first call, Calum Macleod, CEO of Glampitect, knew he was a rising star and offered him a job on the spot!

Nick jumped headfirst into the glamping industry, and after a long day with Glampitect at the glamping show, Nick was thirsty, not only for a beer but for the US!  And this, is how Glampitect North America was born!

After a lot of market research, they quickly realised the opportunity was huge, and that North America was the next step big for Glampitect, and the hard work began!

Fast forward 2 years to 2020, and there they were making the Glampitect North America debut in Colorado!


Calum MacLeod CEO of Glampitect, and Nick Purslow Managing Director of Glampitect North America exhibiting in Colorado, United States of America, 2022.

Stay popular with travellers who want the best!

Talking with Nick on this episode explores how glamping has changed over time, not just in the UK but also in North America. With more people opting for staycations and seeking out unique travel adventures, glamping has become a hot ticket, bringing in more money than your typical real estate investments.

Nick jumping into Glampitect North America tells us that glamping isn't just a UK thing—it's catching on all over the world, with tons of different markets just waiting to be tapped into.

Nick strongly believes that luxury and sophistication will stay popular with travellers who want the best. Adding cool things like movie screens and cosy hangout spots shows how the glamping world is getting fancier."But Nick also reminded us that being tough and flexible is super important, just like the pros in the business say: expect problems but keep going.

"Enjoy the ride, be ready for bumps, and ask for help when you need it!"

To wrap it up, Nick gave some solid advice for anyone thinking about starting their own glamping site: "enjoy the ride, be ready for bumps, and ask for help when you need it" .

For anyone starting out, get yourself a supportive network! Take all of the help you can get, join the free webinars, take the free guides and listen to the podcast! Making your glamping dreams real is possible.

So, as we finish up our first dive into the glamping world with the UK Glamping podcast, we want to invite you along for the ride. Whether you're a glamping pro or just curious, stick around for more episodes, where we'll keep uncovering everything there is to know about glamping!

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