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The UK Glamping Pocast - Episode 2 - Meet The Boss!

Unveiling the Glamping Industry with Glampitect CEO Calum MacLeod.

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"I had an idea to do a glamping site, but no money!"

Welcome back to the UK Glamping podcast, hosted by Glampitect. In this episode, Oliver from Glampitect, sits down with Calum MacLeod, the CEO of Glampitect and NC500 Pods, to delve into the journey of setting up a glamping site from conception to execution.

Calum shares his experience, from having an idea of setting up a glamping site on his mum and dad's land in Achmelvich, to owning 2 of the most successful glamping sites in the UK and owning a Glamping design consultancy which has helped over 100 other glamping site owners gain planning approval and bring their glamping dreams to life!

"Money is probably closer to home than you would think"

Using his skills in CAD gained from his electrical engineering degree, Calum was able to submit a planning application and successfully gain planning approval for a 4 unit glamping site at Achmelvich. There was only one thing standing in his way, he didn't have the money to fund it!

Many of you may be thinking about opening your own glamping site, but aren't sure how to secure investment. One of Calum's key messages in this episode is "money is probably closer to home than you would think".

The initial investment for Calum's first North Coast 500 Pods site came from his cousins best friend, Alistair Young, and after the success of their first site, they were then able to use the funds to create their second site in Brora

Whilst the glamping site was a great business opportunity, Achmelvich Beach also held a special place in both of their hearts as they had spent many of their childhood summer holidays at the nearby Caravan site. 

Owners Calum and Ali at Opening Party 2-2

Calum MacLeod and Alistair Young at the opening party of NC500 Pods, Achmelvich. 

How did Glampitect begin?

Whilst in the process of setting up North Coast 500 Pods, Calum attended the Glamping show and realised that there were many pod manufacturers selling glamping pods, but nobody to help people navigate the way to get to the point of purchasing a pod. 

This is when Glampitect was born.

Glampitect specialises in providing luxury glamping site design and consultancy services. Offering a range of services, from initial feasibility studies to concept design and full planning applications. Helping individuals and businesses set up unique and attractive glamping sites, providing expertise in creating accommodations that combine the experience of camping with the luxury and comfort of a hotel.

To date, Glampitect has successfully obtained planning approval for over 100 glamping sites and has conducted over 1,300 feasibility studies. 

"Fail as quickly and cheaply as you can!"

During the episode, Calum reflects on the common hurdle of taking action when setting up a glamping site.

While he adopts a proactive approach, many struggle with getting bogged down by details and failing to act. He emphasizes the importance of perseverance amidst challenges and suggests embracing failures as learning opportunities.

"The main thing that I would say is to take action towards getting to your goal of setting up a glamping site. And probably along the way, a lot of people will fall off. It is a hard journey. I won't pretend that everyone will be able to do it. 

You're more of an investor, and one philosophy that we have at AvantGlamp is to fail as cheaply and as quickly as possible. And I think that's really relevant to everybody that's looking to start a glamping site!"

Undertaking a feasibility study in the initial phases presents a valuable chance to determine the viability and potential success of your glamping site before committing significant time and resources to the project.

View facing lake pods

Luxury overwater pods at AvantGlamp at NEC, Birmingham. 

AvantGlamp at NEC

4 years in the making, Calum can now proudly talk about his next venture! AvantGlamp at The NEC!

The luxury 59-unit glamping site at the heart of The NEC, Birmingham has recently attracted lots of online press, including an article in The Sun Newspaper!

The site is engineered to blend work and play seamlessly catering to diverse guests, including business professionals and families, ensuring an unparalleled and memorable stay for all.

Elevating luxury, whilst prioritising sustainability, complimentary golf buggy transport will be available across the resort ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

AvantGlamp at NEC will be home to 13 idyllic over-water pods with balconies and a scenic over-water lily pad communal space overlooking Pendigo Lake.

The resort will also feature an app-enabled, eco-friendly guest management and keyless entry system.

Monetise your land!

Landowners interested in glamping, often have one element of the puzzle missing and with the combined offering from Glampitect and AvantGlamp, we're now in a position to cover all of the bases!

If you have land, time and money, Glampitect can provide you with the expertise to set up a glamping site.

If you have land, but no time or money, AvantGlamp have partnership opportunities available for landowners and can provide funding and expertise. 

Whichever element you may be missing, we can help you monetise your land and bring your glamping dreams to life! 

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