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The UK Glamping Pocast - Episode 3 - Is My Project Feasible?

Glamping Feasibility Study

Introducing Luke Pica, Glampitect Research and Reporting Lead behind the Feasibility Study!

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Introducing Luke Pica, Research and Reporting Lead

Welcome back to the UK Glamping podcast, hosted by Glampitect. In this episode, Oliver from Glampitect, sits down with Luke Pica, Research and Reporting lead at Glampitect to discuss insightful information for anyone considering starting a glamping business in the UK. With over 1,300 feasibility studies issued at Glampitect, the knowledge of the Research and Reporting team is unmatched!

Luke Pica plays a pivotal role within Glampitect, as the Research and Reporting Lead, Luke brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table.

Since joining Glampitect in late 2020, Luke has been instrumental in refining the feasibility study, ensuring that it leaves no stone unturned. With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for providing invaluable insights, Luke has personally contributed to over 500 feasibility studies, making him a cornerstone of Glampitect's success.

Affordable Assurance for Your Glamping Venture

At Glampitect, we consistently advise clients to start with a feasibility study. Priced at only £497 + VAT, it enables informed decision-making regarding the potential success of your glamping site and its likelihood of receiving planning approval. This preliminary step helps mitigate risks before committing to larger investments in planning applications.

The feasibility study is an in-depth report that dissects the essential steps involved in establishing a glamping site, including:

Obtaining Planning Permission: The Initial Challenge
The process of obtaining planning permission stands as the initial challenge when setting up a glamping site. Glampitect's feasibility study meticulously dissects local council regulations and planning policies. These insights are invaluable for navigating the complex planning process, ensuring clients can tailor their glamping plans effectively and anticipate potential hurdles.

Addressing Construction Challenges: From Concept to Concrete
Beyond planning, the feasibility study tackles construction intricacies, examining infrastructure needs, landscaping, and site suitability. During the episode, Luke stresses the importance of assessing possible construction hurdles and offering bespoke solutions, ensuring a smooth project execution.

Market Analysis and Competitive Edge: Establishing Your USP's
In the glamping industry, differentiation is paramount.  Glampitect conducts thorough market research, analysing competitor offerings, occupancy rates, and pricing strategies. With this information, clients can identify unique selling points, establishing their niche and laying the groundwork for success.

Financial Viability Projections: Mapping Out Returns
No feasibility study is complete without financial evaluation, the in-depth report delves into return on investment projections, considering occupancy rates, pricing, and revenue streams. Through robust financial models and adaptable calculators, Glampitect empowers clients to make well-informed decisions, managing expectations and ensuring financial viability.

What Our Previous Clients Thought of the Feasibility Study:

Glamping Feasbility Study
Glamping Feasibility Study
Glamping Feasibility Study
Glamping Feasibility Study

Google Reviews from previous Glampitect clients who have conducted a Feasibility Study. 

Key Trends Shaping the UK Glamping Industry

As the glamping industry continues to evolve, staying ahead of key trends is paramount for glamping site owners seeking to establish successful ventures. In this section of the conversation, Luke shares his insights into the emerging trends shaping the UK glamping scene.

Sustainable Practices: Green Initiatives
Luke discusses eco-friendly trends like off-grid accommodations and renewable energy sources. By prioritizing sustainability, glamping operators appeal to environmentally conscious travellers while reducing their ecological footprint.

Unique Accommodations: Embracing Diversity
Luke explains the rise of unconventional glamping experiences, from treehouses to geodesic domes. Offering diverse accommodation attracts adventurous travellers seeking unique experiences in nature.

Work-Life Blend: The "Work-From-Home" Traveller
Glamping sites can cater to remote workers with amenities like high-speed internet and dedicated workspaces. Blurring the lines between work and leisure, they become sought-after retreats for the remote worker seeking a staycation.

Wellness Retreats: 
Glamping sites incorporating wellness offerings like yoga classes and spa facilities are growing in popularity. Prioritizing holistic well-being appeals to travellers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature's tranquillity.

Local Culture and Activities: The Adventure Travellers 
Glamping experiences have the opportunity to immerse guests in local culture and activities. From exploring local attractions to embracing nature, authentic experiences create a memorable stay for guests. 

Position your glamping site for long-term success! 

As the UK glamping landscape continues to evolve, there is a huge importance to embrace innovation and adaptability. By staying up to date with key trends and guests preferences, you can position your glamping site for long-term success,

By undertaking a feasibility study in the initial phases presents a valuable chance to determine the viability and potential success of your glamping site before committing significant time and money to the project.

Interested in a Feasibility Study? Book your free consultation below: 

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