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If you're in the process of starting a glamping business, or still just thinking about it, get in touch and chat things through with us.


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Yes! It can be! We recommend getting a feasibility study to assess your project and give you a indication of your future success.

We often need to make custom recommendations for each site depending on the needs and goals. We do always recommend that services, drainage and road are all planned well ahead of everything else.

Now! And if not now then definitely tomorrow. You can learn more from Glampitect about how you can help your glamping business start and grow online

Of course. We take a tried and tested approach with planning and building glamping sites and we start with a feasibility study. We've created a whole guide on starting a glamping business.

Building a strong online presence is key to the success on many glamping businesses in the UK. We recommend that most glamping sites can even start advertising and taking bookings before their site is built!

At Glampitect we understand that the process of starting a glamping business is a big one. There are so many things to research, discover and take action on. We support many glamping sites in the UK to take these steps as easily as possible by making a wise investment. A feasibility study can help you decide if your business idea has potential.

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If you’re still on the fence about starting a glamping site, start small – our feasibility study guide will tell you everything you need to know about building your glamping site.

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