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Starting a glamping business?

Unless you’re lucky enough to be cash-rich, you’ll probably need outside investment to get your new venture off the ground. Truth be told, starting a glamping business can be quite expensive and industry figures suggest that the overwhelming majority of owners borrow at least £20,000 to fund their business. 

But there is some good news. Glamping sites outperform most comparable real estate investment, which makes them a very attractive prospect to specialist investors, banks and crowdfunding organisations. If you’re looking for funding, we can help you find the right people – and put together a convincing proposal.

Secure The Investment You Need

  • Work out how much you’ll need to borrow
  • Learn about the best sources of funding
  • Get help with your application(s)
  • Move your project forwards

Starting a glamping business doesn’t have to cost the earth, but the costs do rack up quicker than you might expect. Assuming that you’ve starting with a good plot of land in an enviable location, you’ll still need to pay for assets and infrastructure like your pods or tents, utility trenches, car parks, decorative landscaping, outdoor lights and any optional extras – like the hot tubs or fire pits that enable you to increase your nightly rates. 

To ensure a steady and consistent ROI, you’ll also need to cover the cost of staff wages, a marketing budget, utilities and the continuous improvements that are needed to keep visitors coming back year after year. 

Then there’s the cost of applying for planning permission and designing your site to consider. Luckily, the rising popularity of luxury staycations - coupled with the increasingly-mainstream media coverage of the glamping phenomenon - means that it’s now easier than ever to secure substantial investments for a glamping site business.

Drawing on years of hands-on industry experience, we can help you locate, apply for and obtain funding from sources that will understand your business plans, and be sympathetic to the vision you have for your site. Over the past (x) years, we’ve helped a number of glamping site owners secure the funding they need to build their dream site, and we’d love to do the same for you.

A Turnkey Service For Entrepreneurs Seeking Investment

We’re not a bank or loan comparison company; we’re glamping experts, dedicated to helping you launch your site and start making money. To help you get there, we draw on hard-won industry knowledge and pre-existing relationships with specialist investors that understand the potential of a well-planned glamping business. 

When you engage us to help you secure an investment, we’ll help you find the right options, prepare your forecasts and make an application. 

Financial Modelling

  • Nail down your potential ROI
  • Build accurate forecasts
  • Maximise your chances of receiving investment

Before you can apply for funding, you’ll need to know how much you need to borrow and how much money you’re likely to make. Estimating ROI requires a sound understanding of the glamping industry, and a good understanding of the local luxury holiday landscape. You’ll also need to know exactly how much your business will cost to run and be able to supply convincing financial forecasts.

Our in-house experts are on hand to help you build out an accurate estimate of your business’s potential – and present it in a way that’s likely to resonate with potential investors.

Grant Applications

  • Find out if you qualify for grants
  • Learn how to apply
  • Get hands-on support  with your application

If you’re lucky, you may qualify for local or central government grants designed for startups and SMEs. Generally speaking, these grants are available for a limited period and have very specific criteria which dissuades a lot of entrepreneurs from applying but if you know how to position and present your new venture, you may be able to access obligation-free funding that could kickstart your growth.

We can help you work out whether you qualify for a current grant, and put together a convincing application that maximises your chances of success.

Project financing

  • Access to sympathetic investors
  • Full or partial funding for your project
  • Support with your application

Where grant funding isn’t available, you can leverage our network of financing partners to find a lender that understands your vision and wants to help you launch your dream site. 

We’ll work right alongside you to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible, and that you have access to all of the documentation needed to make a successful application. We’ll also help you verify that you’re asking for the right amount of money, and sense-check your plans to ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success.

Finance Leasing and Hire Purchasing

  • Access alternative funding sources
  • Pod or infrastructure specific
  • A ‘lite’ option for people trying to minimise their debts

Finance leasing and hire purchasing are alternative funding models for people who don’t want to be saddled with a large amount of debt or don’t need to access large reserves of ready cash. 

These options are generally used to fund glamping accommodation like pods or yurts, which makes them perfect for people who have taken care of the rest of the site themselves, or existing site owners looking to expand their inventory without investing their own reserves.

Not Sure You’re Ready To Seek Investment?

If you’re still in the planning phase of your project and don’t know how much capital you need to raise, it might be worth commissioning a feasibility study. This will provide us with an opportunity to comb over your plans, and help you make sure that you’re heading in the right direction.

A feasibility study will also give us the opportunity to help you determine how much you should be charging per night, nail down your running costs and start working out how profitable your glamping site will be.

Book My Feasibility Study

The Nation’s Foremost Glamping Experts

Here at Glampitect, we know exactly what it takes to set up a successful Glamping business. Our founder and CEO set up his own site in 2018; battling a lack of knowledge and resources to successfully navigate the start up process and turn his vision into reality. 

Since then, we’ve helped countless entrepreneurs do the same. Our knowledge of the luxury camping industry, extensive network of helpful contacts and experience navigating the startup and growth phases of a glamping business launch make us ideal partners for anyone that’s serious about getting their dream off the ground.

We also offer a host of additional services designed to help your site achieve its full potential. We can help you design your site layout, find the ideal glamping pods and apply for planning permission, as well as working with you to develop a marketing strategy that’ll drive a steady stream of new and repeat bookings. 

Regardless of where you are in the process, get in touch and we can help you realise your vision and build a sustainable business.

Want To Talk Funding?

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