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Keen to launch your own glamping business? Not sure where to start? A Feasibility Study will make sure you start off on the right foot.

Designed to help you accurately assess the viability of your new venture, our feasibility studies look at everything from local demand to potential running costs – allowing you to scope out your site’s potential, and quantify the investment required to maximise your profits.

Drawing on years of hands-on experience, we’ll help you flesh out your initial vision and pave the way for a more detailed business plan.

Scoping Out Your New Venture

Before you can start planning your new glamping site, you need to work out whether:

  • You’re likely to get planning approval
  • You have access to the necessary utilities and facilities
  • There’s enough demand to support your site
  • You’ll make a good return on your initial investment

Running a glamping business can be incredibly rewarding. Demand for domestic holiday rentals has surged in recent years, profit margins are good and the running costs are probably a lot lower than you expect. But starting a successful glamping business still requires a significant up-front investment.

To ensure that this investment isn’t wasted, it’s important to make sure there’s enough demand to support your new site – that you have a solid grasp of the work needed to get your business running and that you know how much your new glamping site is going to cost.

You’ll also need to know what people expect from glamping sites in your location, what sort of pods or tents will offer the best return on investment and what sort of facilities you’ll need to ensure a steady stream of positive reviews.

It’s an involved process that can take a lot of time, but you don’t have to go it alone. Conducted with the help of some of the industry’s most experienced analysts and site designers, our glamping feasibility studies are designed to take the hard work out of the pre-planning process.

What’s Included In A Glamping Feasibility Study?

Our feasibility studies are designed to provide you with a wealth of useful information – information that will help you verify your site’s potential and start planning a successful glamping business.

For a nominal fee, we’ll help you spot potential planning and construction challenges; profile key competitors and make sure you have access to the infrastructure needed to launch a glamping venture.

We’ll also help you start thinking about speccing pods, tents or yurts, setting nightly rates and marketing your site successfully. In short, we’ll help you:

Assess The Viability Of Your Site

  • Analyse your site.
  • Ascertain whether any local planning restrictions are in place.
  • Work out whether you’re likely to get planning permission.
  • Improve your chances of obtaining permission.

Before you can start work on your prospective glamping site, you’ll need to obtain planning permission from your local council.

Equipped with several decades of cumulative experience, we’re ideally placed to help you work out whether you’re likely to be granted permission for a glamping site. If we don’t think you’re likely to get permission, we’re also well-placed to offer advice on improving or maximising your chances of success by gathering documentation to support your application and consulting with your local council’s planning office.

Scope Out Your Project

  • Work out whether you can access water, electricity and other utilities.
  • Ensure that your site has sufficient access.
  • Pre-empt any potential health and safety problems.
  • Scope out the work required to set up a successful glamping business.

You can’t start planning a glamping site until you know whether you’ve got ready access to utilities like gas, electricity or water. You’ll also need to know how much work is involved in preparing your site, providing ready access for guests and ensuring that your site complies with the necessary planning legislations.In short, you need to scope out your current site and understand exactly what needs to be done. 

Drawing on knowledge accrued from the setup of 20+ successful glamping businesses, we’ll help you understand the amount of work required to launch your business, and the costs involved.

Analyse Your Potential

  • How much money will your site make?
  • What sort of pods will you need?
  • What amenities should you have?
  • How much will it cost to get things off the ground?

The amount of revenue generated by a glamping site depends on a great many factors; from the quality of your structures to the availability of in-demand amenities like hot tubs or fire pits. By profiling your competitors, exploring prospective builds and looking at current industry trends, we can start to quantify your site’s potential.

We’ll be able to help you work out how much you’d need to invest to see a healthy return on your initial investment, and start offering suggestions on the spec and layout of your site.

Answer Important Questions

  • How long will it take to launch my business?
  • What challenges am I likely to face?
  • How can I maximise my chances of success?
  • What are my next steps?

If you’re new to the glamping industry, it can be hard to get a handle on things like the length of time it takes to launch a successful glamping site, what challenges you’re likely to run into or how long it’ll take you to see a return on your initial investment.

It’s also tough to work out how to set your nightly rental rates, choose structures or model your site to create the best possible experience for your guests but a glamping feasibility study will answer all of these questions and more – allowing you to move onto the planning stage of your project with total confidence and clarity.

Need More Information?

If you’re still not sure whether a feasibility study is right for you, why not download our free Feasibility Guide?

This document provides a detailed breakdown of what’s included in one of our glamping feasibility studies – as well as information about costs and next steps.

Download My Feasibility Study Guide

Bringing You One Step Closer To Completion

Above all, our feasibility studies are focused on moving your project forward. If we think that your site has potential, we’ll provide you with a list of actionable steps that you can use to start fleshing out your plans – or start the planning approval process.

Since launching our business in 2019, we’ve provided 500+ feasibility studies to potential site owners up and down the country. We’ve also provided hands-on consultancy to glamping sites of every shape and size – from 8 pod fields to 20 yurt farms with wood-fired hot tubs.

So whatever your dream is, get in touch with us and we’ll help you turn it into a tangible reality.

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Ready To Get Started?

To author a detailed feasibility study, we charge £497. If you’d like to book yours, please fill out the form below and a member of our design and analytics team will be in touch.