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We’ve Reached 100 Approved Glamping Sites!

We're pleased to share that we've helped 100 clients reach planning approval by their local council. That’s one-hundred bespoke, exciting and fabulous Glamping sites in the UK! Check out this video snapshot:

Video Snapshot


Glampitect Team

We owe this achievement to our team of glamping experts, working meticulously with our clients to help them realise and achieve their glamping site dreams - well done team! 

Glampitect Team at Glamping Show 2023

Calum MacLeod, CEO

Calum MacLeod CEO

Glampitect CEO, Calum MacLeod, expressed his thoughts about reaching this milestone:

"I never thought we would get anywhere near here when I first set up Glampitect. I never even knew there was enough people to do it! It’s been an incredible 4 years helping change peoples lives, setting up their dream glamping sites on their land."

Luke Pica, Research & Reporting Lead

Luke Pica Research and Reporting Lead

Our Research and Reporting Lead, Luke Pica said:

"I'm proud to have played a part in many of our first 100 approvals and helped a large number of our clients turn their glamping dreams into a reality. While planning can be challenging, these successes show that with the right advice and expertise a life-changing planning decision can be achieved."

Let's discuss your Glamping idea

Discover these incredible Glamping sites

Bredon View Glamping

Situated on the edge of the Cotswolds, Bredon View Glamping is a stunning retreat for those looking for a cosy and luxurious getaway.

The owners of this site were very happy with the end result:

"Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Jen was absolutely amazing and such a pleasure to work with despite the constant questions, updates and changes to the site."

Bredon View Glamping Exterior

"It's exactly where we want it to be and looks great thanks to Jen's professionalism and calmness throughout the website build. Can't thank you enough. We already have a few bookings for this year... Thanks. Jo and Dan"

Bredon View Glamping Pod Interior

Erin, Senior Designer at Glampitect

Erin Clarkson Senior Designer

One of our Senior Designers, Erin, worked on the design at Bredon View glamping site:

"It was a pleasure to work alongside Dan & Jo throughout this whole process and to see the successful end result that we were striving for. The site offers guests a unique countryside experience in the Pershore area."

For more information about this Glamping Site, visit their website below:

Glengolly Getaways

Set in the Highlands of Scotland, Glengolly Getaways is a great stop after a day of fishing or sight seeing on the North Coast 500 route.

The owners at Glengolly Getaways shared there thoughts and feelings below:

"Glampitect were the best choice for us. From our initial idea to welcoming our first guests they were by our side supporting us through the process."

Glengolly Getaways Glamping Pod

"From the initial feasibility study, planning, building our website, linking our website with a channel manager and all our social needs to ensure we had a stress free start to our glamping site."

Glengolly Getaways Interior

"We couldn’t have done it without them. Their knowledge and experience cannot be underestimated."

Toni, Senior Designer at Glampitect

Toni Armour Senior Designer

Toni, a Senior Designer on our team worked on the design for Glengolly Getaways glamping site:

"The site aims to provide a relaxing countryside stay for guests with easy access onto the popular NC500 route. This is bound to be popular for everyone looking for a highland escape and those who wish to explore the famous route around Scotland."

For more information about this Glamping site, visit their website below:

Launch your Dream Glamping site

Glamping Site on Previously Unused Land

With a passion for creating luxury and bespoke glamping sites, Glampitect are here to help you at any stage of your glamping journey - book a chat here.

We can help you start your Glamping site by helping with:

  1. Feasibility Studies: Want to know if your glamping plan will succeed? We can carry out a feasibility study and plot the course to achieve success.

  2. Planning Permission: Getting planning permission can be a daunting process. With our experience in planning and working with councils, we can streamline the process.

  3. Pod Selection: Choose from our variety of glamping pods, crafted to meet a range of requirements and preferences.

  4. Website and Marketing: When your glamping site is ready, we can help with creating an online presence and marketing strategy to optimise your occupancy.

  • Share your Glamping plans in a call here
  • Find out more about our Feasibility Study here
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