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Recommended Glamping Pod Manufacturers – Alba Bespoke Cabins

When choosing the right glamping pod manufacturer, it can become difficult as there are so many different companies and websites online that have high-quality, modern glamping pods for sale.

The glamping industry is booming, and with that comes a market of businesses looking to sell their glamping pods to others. 

Whether you are starting a glamping business or looking at glamping pods for personal use, you must get the manufacturer right in order to have a successful process and the high-quality glamping pod that you deserve. 

Alba Bespoke Cabins are a glamping pod manufacturer based in Scotland and have a record of providing the highest quality glamping pods to a range of customers and businesses alike.

In this article, we are going to discuss Alba Bespoke Cabins and why we have chosen them as a recommended glamping pod manufacturer to our visitors.

About Alba Bespoke Cabins

As mentioned above, Alba Bespoke Cabins are a glamping pod manufacturer based in Scotland. Starting off as just a joinery and manufacturing company, they diversified into the glamping industry for one reason only: to provide people with the best Garden Cabins on the market.

They have since moved into the glamping realm and provide customers with a range of different glamping pods, and provide services for the pods such as installation services, furnishings, decoration and more.

With an environmental consciousness that runs through the whole group, Alba Bespoke Cabins put a focus on the customer, and not only in the carbon emissions department. 

If you have any particular idea in mind for your glamping pods, such as a certain room or product etc, you can inform the designers and they will take that into consideration when manufacturing the product.

Available Pods For Sale

Although the business model of the glamping pod manufacturer Alba Bespoke Cabins prefers to work on the customer’s behalf, putting their interests with the glamping pod first, there are a few different base glamping pods that are available. Here are the most important ones to purchase:

Alba Cabins

Alba Cabins are available from Alba Bespoke Cabins and have a few different variations ranging from larger cabins to smaller ones that could fit in your garden. They are of high quality, with a great design.


Alba Pods

Alba Pods are also available from Alba Bespoke Cabins and have a range of different variations all made from high-quality materials and with a luxury design. You cannot go wrong with buying a glamping pod from Alba Bespoke Cabins.


Alba Garden Offices

Alba Garden Offices are a specific pod available from Alba Bespoke Cabins with a few different variations intended for garden usage. Modern, unique and original, Alba Garden Offices are something certainly to consider for your property.


Why Consider Alba Bespoke Cabins For Your Glamping Pod Design?

We recommend the glamping pod manufacturer Alba Bespoke Cabins for your glamping pod designs not only because of their high-quality materials and modern design but also because of the work ethic that the company upholds. 

Working hard to provide customers with the perfect product is something that we admire, and Alba Bespoke Cabins certainly provide their customers with luxury in their Glamping Pods. Alba Bespoke Cabins are luxury, unique and certainly deserve a place within your glamping project.

Need Assistance With Choosing The Right Glamping Pods?

We understand that choosing the right glamping pod for your project is a process that takes time, and with so many different glamping pod manufacturers on the market right now, it can become tiresome and challenging to find the right one for you. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at our Buying Glamping Pods free guide to give you the information and assistance needed in order for you to make the right decision going forward. It may seem confusing at first, but once you understand what to look out for, it will be a lot more simple. 

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