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The Latest Trends In Glamping And How You Can Capitalise On Them

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The cost of living is increasing, but what does that mean for glamping and what other trends are affecting the industry right now?

The assumption is that higher living costs spells bad news for glamping as people reduce their holiday spend, however, the data doesn’t support this theory.

Google searches for “glamping” worldwide are actually up 1% compared to last year, which is especially impressive considering searches for “camping” are down 7%. Equally, Pitchup bookings for glamping accommodation are up nearly 20% so far this year compared to last year (and that was a record-breaking year).

The ‘trading down’ effect could be at play here, causing more people that would have naturally chosen boutique hotels to find cheaper alternatives. Other trends such as the increasing awareness of sustainability and the impact of nature on mental health will also likely be bolstering the market, and will only continue to grow. And the dismal July weather in the UK this year will likely have had an impact, causing more people to turn to fixed accommodation over pitching their own tents.

How have these trends impacted booking habits?

Glamping Site

On Pitchup.com the average lead time has increased slightly this year compared to last year, up 7% to 40 days. It appears people are planning slightly further ahead than they had been directly post-pandemic.

Contrary to the way most goods and services are moving, the average lead price of pods, lodges and cabins has actually decreased by 10% this year compared to last year. Price is key this year and, in order to compete, accommodation has to remain affordable.

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In terms of what people are booking, pods are by far the most popular, with more bookings than bell tents, shepherd's huts and safari tents combined. Bookings for pods are also growing more than twice as fast as bell tents. Whilst shepherd’s huts are up 30% in terms of bookings year on year, they still only represent a quarter of the number of bookings pods receive.

How people are booking is slightly shifting too, with 66% of bookings made on mobile so far this year, up 2% on last year, a trend expected to grow further. In terms of facilities, activities and extras, the top trending filters this year on Pitchup include ‘dogs-allowed’, 'hot tubs', ‘outdoor swimming pool’ and ‘bar or clubhouse’, showing the importance of offering additional leisure facilities on-site.

Our Advice

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  • Get in on the growth in glamping
    Despite the cost of living increasing, the glamping market is growing. Don’t wait to make the
    most of it.

  • Consider investing in pods
    Though there is growth in other accommodation types, pods are by far and away the most booked. Compared to canvas glamping units, they're easy to maintain, enjoy a longer a season and attract a wide audience due to their range of price points. 

  • Consider allowing dogs and offer leisure spaces on-site
    Our most-used filter by far, dog-friendly sites enjoy a great audience online by appearing in more searches. Adding leisure facilities will also be a big plus.

  • Don’t price yourself out of the market
    Price is key this year: make sure your rates are competitive.

  • Take mobile bookings
    The future is mobile. If you don’t have a mobile-optimised website and can’t take mobile payments, consider signing up with an online travel agent who can do that for you.

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