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Johnny Vegas’ Glamping Site: Where Is It? How Much Does It Cost? All Your Questions Answered

Skoolie the American Bus

*Update. Since this blog was first written, it's been announced that Johnny Vegas' glamping site will be closing early for the season and is on the lookout for a new location. We understand that the site has been extremely successful and that the move is down to personal reasons. We'll post updates on the new location when we hear of it.*

If, like us, you enjoyed the Johnny Vegas: Carry On Glamping documentary series, you’ll probably want to know more details about Johnny’s glamping site. For those who weren’t aware, Johnny Vegas recently appeared in a four-part series on Channel 4 where he achieved his dream of owning a glamping site. You can watch all the episodes on All 4, or you can read our review of the series in last week’s blog post.

Today’s blog post is going to be a deep dive into Johnny’s site, the Field of Dreams. We’re going to look at its location, accommodation options, pricing and guest reviews before giving our expert opinion on what we think Johnny gets right and what he gets wrong.


Where Is Johnny Vegas’ Glamping Site?

Johnny Vegas has opened a glamping site in North Yorkshire where you can  stay in amazing converted buses - YorkshireLive

Johnny’s site is based on Breaks Fold Farm in the Washburn Valley, North Yorkshire. It’s a working farm that also boasts camping, static caravanning and holiday cottage offerings. This is a great example of farm diversification, which is something that an increasing number of farm owners are pursuing in order to create an additional income stream. We recently interviewed a farm owner who did exactly this for The Glampitect PODcast, and it’s worth a listen for any farm owners considering diversifying into glamping.

In the site’s immediate vicinity, you can go walking, nature spotting, mountain biking, fishing and canoeing, while the Washburn Heritage Centre offers opportunities to learn more about the local area. In the wider Nidderdale region, you can visit Studley Royal Park, which contains the Fountains Abbey Ruins, while the more adventurous among us might want to visit Stump Cross Caverns, an underground limestone cave.


What Are the Accommodation Options at Johnny Vegas’ Glamping Site?

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping : Reviews 2021 : Chortle : The UK Comedy  Guide

At the Field of Dreams, you have the pick of five vehicles that have been converted from rust buckets into high-end glamping accommodation. What struck us when we watched the documentary was Johnny’s desire to only select vehicles that had a story behind them. It wasn’t just a case of picking the first vehicle that took his fancy. 

The process of turning the vehicles into glamping accommodation only added to the narrative. Take Patricia the Maltese bus as an example. It took three attempts to transport the bus from Malta to the UK, with one of the attempts failing because the ship carrying it caught fire. When it finally reached British shores, Johnny named the bus Patricia after his mum, who had passed away during the course of the series. Finally, after a stressful conversion process, during which Johnny was told he was dreaming if he thought the bus could be turned into high-end accommodation, Patricia crashed into a cow shed just as it was being unloaded onto the site.

After all that, who wouldn’t want to spend a night in Patricia?

The other vehicles on the site are as follows: 

  • Billy the Snail
  • The Fire Truck
  • The Citroen Camper
  • Skoolie the American Bus


How Much Does It Cost to Stay at Johnny Vegas’ Glamping Site?

For a minimum two-night stay, prices start at £350. This is on the higher end of the glamping pricing scale (£175 per night as opposed to the more typical £120 per night), but the unusual accommodation and the publicity the site received from the documentary allows him to charge the premium rate.


What Are the Guest Reviews for Johnny Vegas’ Glamping Site?

Field Of Dreams Glamping: Johnny Vegas Brainchild | The Yorkshireman

The site hasn’t been open for long, but here are some reviews we found online:

“We spent 2 days in the fire truck. The addition of the Bell tent awning is great. The weather was awful so the wood stove was a great bonus. Lovely treats in our welcome bundle. Great walks along the river to the hotel for food and around the reservoir."

“Beautiful memories. Lucked out with the weather, idyllic setting, very special Citroen AND tent! Thanks to the imagination of ⁦Johnny Vegas⁩ and his Field of Dreams.”

“Just arrived home after an amazing two night stay in the Fire Truck … we love the Field of Dreams! Louise and Richard - thank you for amazing hospitality. Highly recommend this place as a base for exploring the Dales!”


What Do We Think About the Site?

As the leading glamping experts, we know a good glamping site when we see one. Johnny’s site ticks all the boxes for us:

  • Beautiful setting
  • Tells a story
  • Unique selling points (the vehicles are a big draw)
  • Excellent marketing (you can’t get much better than a Channel 4 documentary series about your glamping site)

If we were to make one suggestion, it would be to upgrade the website, which is fairly basic at the minute. A slick, high-quality website is hugely important for any glamping business, which is why we now offer glamping website packages to get you started.


Is Starting a Glamping Business a Good Investment?

If you're as smart as Johnny, starting a glamping business can be an outstanding investment. In our recent article on how much money glamping businesses make, we demonstrated how a fairly standard glamping site can generate an annual revenue of £136,975 and an annual profit of £100,975. Of course, to achieve these results you need to do all the right things. That's where we can help.

If you’ve been inspired by Johnny’s journey and you want to start your own glamping site, feel free to get in touch. We’re the glamping site setup experts and we offer a wide range of services to help you on your glamping journey. You can also browse our free glamping guides or read our piece on everything you need to know about starting a glamping business. We can't wait to hear from you.