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A $1,497 Zoning Screening Could Stop You Blowing Your Investment

You can't start a glamping business without the right zoning.

All land in the US and Canada (with certain exceptions) is divided into zoning districts, and there are strict rules on the types of developments that can be carried out in each district.

If a glamping-style development isn't allowed within your zoning district, your glamping dreams may be over before they've even begun.

We offer zoning screenings for just $1,497. They tell you which zoning district your property falls within; whether a glamping development may be permitted in your district; and what your next steps are to legally build a glampground.

You get a whole load of other information as part of the report too, so check out our information pack below for a full breakdown.

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Don't Rush Into Your Glamping Investment

Before spending money on feasibility studies, site designs, permit applications and the rest, you need to answer some key questions:

  • How is my land zoned?
  • What are the permitted uses for my land?
  • Does a glamping development fall under any of the permitted uses?
  • What permits and licences do I need to proceed?
  • How do I maximise my chances of permit approval?

We understand how tempting it is to dive straight into the fun stuff when it comes to starting a glamping business. But it's absolutely vital that you conduct some pre-checks before spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions, on the project.

The nature of the zoning system means starting a glamping business on your land may simply be impossible. Without checking if you have the correct zoning, you risk wasting money on a project that was doomed from the start.

For just $1,497, we'll analyse your local zoning ordinances and tell you if you can legally build on your land, how to maximise your chances of approval and give you some actionable next steps.

What’s Included In a Zoning Screening?

For just $1,497, we'll tell you:

  • How your land is zoned
  • What permitted uses are allowed on your land
  • Whether your project falls under one of these permitted uses
  • Whether or not it's worth proceeding with your project
  • What permits and licences you'll need to legally operate
  • How to argue your case for permit approval

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Don't Have a Specific Property In Mind?

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We offer Multi-County Zoning Screenings for those who want to know the zoning rules of certain cities/counties/municipalities but don't yet have a specific property in mind.

It's the perfect product for anyone looking to buy land for glamping. It stops you wasting time in areas where a glamping project is impossible, while allowing you to target places that will allow your dream to become reality.

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Bringing You One Step Closer To Completion

Above all, our zoning screenings are focused on moving your project forward. If your idea falls within a permitted use, we’ll provide you with a list of actionable steps that you can use to get the permitting process started.

If your proposal doesn't fall within a permitted use, we'll tell you and advise on if we see any way round it. Either way, you gain valuable information on whether it's worth pursuing your glamping dreams.

Ready To Get Started?

To author a detailed zoning screening, we charge $497. If you’d like to book yours, please fill out the form below and a member of our  team will be in touch.