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Unsure if your idea is financially viable? Need to convince investors?

A Glampitect feasibility study will tell you everything you need to know, including:

  • Setup costs
  • Running costs
  • Achievable nightly rate
  • Revenue projections
  • Profit projections
  • Achievable return on investment

It's easy to get carried away when cooking up ideas for your dream glamping site. But, ultimately, it's a business. Your idea needs to make cold, hard financial sense. Otherwise, you risk wasting millions of dollars on a project that was doomed from the start.

Our feasibility studies analyse your proposition in an unbiased way. We'll be brutally honest in our assessment of its viability. We won't feed you bullshit just to extract more money from you. Our expert team take too much pride in their work for that.

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Why Commission a Feasibility Study?

Before you can start planning your new glamping site, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much will the site cost to set up?
  • How much will it cost to run?
  • How much can I charge per night?
  • How much money will it make?
  • Who are my competition?
  • What will my ROI be?


Our feasibility studies answer all of those questions and more. By answering those questions, you can do the following:

  • Confirm if this is a project worth pursuing
  • Pitch to investors with unbiased figures produced by experts
  • Apply for bank loans with projections that support your case
  • Identify your competition and how to beat them
  • Write a business plan


What’s Included In a Glampitect Feasibility Study?

  • Glamping market analysis
  • Report on local and national tourism trends
  • In-depth analysis of competitors in your area
  • Nightly rate recommendation
  • Advanced financial projections
  • Summary of advice and recommendations

Convince Yourself

Starting a glamping business means being an entrepreneur. As any entrepreneur will tell you, the road to success is paved with self-doubt. That's why your first priority should be convincing yourself that your glamping proposition can become a profitable business. Our feasibility studies help you do this.

The team that writes them includes Members of the Appraisal Institute, who live and breathe appraising projects such as yours. But they won't just tell you what you want to hear. As much as we'd love to tell 100% of our clients that their business is viable, our team simply take too much pride in their work for that.

Simply put, if your idea sucks, we'll tell you it sucks. More importantly, we'll tell you why it sucks. This could be down to anything, from a poor location to an undefined target market. Whatever the reason, we'll identify it.

Convince Investors

You're no doubt incredibly excited about your idea and you can't wait to get started. Unfortunately, investors don't really care if you're excited. They want to see if it makes financial sense. They want to know:

  • Where their money is going
  • What capital injections will be required
  • How much money they'll make on their investment
  • How quickly their investment will be repaid

A Glampitect feasibility study will answer all of these questions. Crucially, the answers will come from independent experts who have years of experience in appraising glamping projects. This is far more convincing than figures estimated by anyone with a direct connection to the project.

Analyse Your Competition

In-depth competitive analysis is a huge element of assessing your glamping business' profit-making potential. Without it, you can't do the following:

  • Figure out an achievable nightly rate
  • Identify what other glamping offerings are in the area
  • Decide how you're going to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Integrate with the local community

A competitive analysis is crucial to any feasibility assessment. It's a key component of our feasibility studies, as it provides the foundations on which the rest of the study is written.

Save Yourself Hours of Due Diligence

Let's be real, unless you're completely crazy, you'll likely do some kind of due diligence before starting a glamping business. You'd at least think about costs, profits and return on investment.

If you're detail-oriented, this would likely take a number of hours. We'll save you that time.

More importantly, you'd likely be completely guessing if you were to do it yourself. You've never owned a glamping business, so you don't know much about glamping site financials. But we do.

We own multiple sites ourselves and have set up 20+ sites for clients. We know what we're talking about, and there's nobody better to assess the feasibility of your idea than us.

Need More Information?

If you’re still not sure whether a feasibility study is right for you, you should download our Feasibility Study Info Pack.

It provides a detailed breakdown of what’s included in one of our glamping feasibility studies – as well as information about costs and next steps.

Download My Feasibility Study Guide

Bringing You One Step Closer To Completion

Above all, our feasibility studies are focused on moving your project forward. If we think your site has potential, we'll provide actionable next steps to move you through the process.

Since launching in 2019, the Glampitect Group have produced 600+ Feasibility Studies to prospective site owners across the globe. 

So whatever your dream is, get in touch with us and we’ll help you turn it into a tangible reality.

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