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Will My Glamping Idea Work?

You are full of excitement and anticipation. You have earmarked a spot of land and you’re going to turn it into the world’s best glamping site and a hugely successful glamping business. Suddenly a niggling question pops up – will my glamping idea work? Let’s try to answer that question by asking some others and building on the answers.


Is it a Good Site?

Maybe it is obvious, but it has to be said. People book into glamping sites for a holiday, so it is essential that there is a reason they want to stay on your plot of land. Perhaps it is a coastal site, with access to a beach. Or it is in a beautiful forest. Or it is in a hill-walking centre. What about the area are people coming to do, or see, or enjoy? The site itself must be attractive.


Birdseye View Farm Glamping Site


Is the Accommodation Good?

Whatever you choose, yurts, tents, or pods, they need to be of a good standard so that people will want to stay in them.


Get the Message Out There

A key element in the success of any business is marketing to sufficient potential customers. Think of two options. In the first option, you have a lovely glamping site, beautifully situated, but you haven’t told anybody about it. In the second you have the same very attractive site, and you have told the whole world about it. Which is going to get more bookings? In the first you’ll be struggling – in the second you’ll have lots of bookings.

Realistically you cannot, alas, tell the whole world, so who are you aiming and how do you contact them?


Who are your customers?

Think carefully about who your site will appeal to. How do you speak directly to them? Listing platforms, newspaper adverts, TV adverts, hobby or sports clubs, and their channels, and these days social media.


Listing Platforms

There are specialist listing channels for holidays in general, and glamping holidays specifically. Which ones are going to be best to talk to your audience? It may well be worth investing in a paid-for slot if you think a particular listing platform connects to your customers.


Adverts in newspapers, and on TV

These will definitely cost money, but may accurately target your intended glampers.


Social media and online search engines

These days probably most people will use as their first port-of-call online search and social media. Get advice about how to improve your ranking in the search engines. Get expert advice about how to choose the best social media, and how to use that to connect to your guests. 


A Good Website

An essential for businesses today is a well designed and efficient website. This is your hoarding advert, your welcoming front door, your booking system, and a way you can talk directly to your customers. If you use social media your guest can link straight into your website, and you can convert that passing whimsy directly into a booking.


Are Your Ready to Succeed?

Perhaps the most intangible, yet powerful, influence to convince wavering possibles into definite bookings is the personal sense that the owner-operator (you!) is friendly and very positive about the unique attractions of this wonderful glamping site. Welcome your visitors!


The Answer

Yes! Your glamping idea will work!