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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Glamping Site: Expand & Thrive with Ease

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Glamping Site Expand and Thrive with Ease

Are you the proud owner of a glamping site, looking to take it to the next level? 

Perhaps you've already setup a successful site or had your first approval, and now you're wondering how to grow it further. 

In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of glamping site expansion and uncover the many benefits it offers including a real-world example:

Have a Glamping Site with room to grow?

Two Glamping Pods

If you already have a glamping site or have obtained initial approval, you're off to a fantastic start. Building upon your existing foundation gives you a head start in the expansion process. 

Here are some top tips:

  • Evaluate your current site:

    Assess the demand, available space, infrastructure, and amenities to determine the expansion potential. Consider factors such as landscape, accessibility, and proximity to amenities. If you're really busy, then it makes perfect sense to expand to supply more demand.
  • Understand local regulations:

    Familiarise yourself with the local planning and zoning regulations to ensure compliance during the expansion. Engage with local authorities and seek their guidance throughout the process - P.S. this is our expertise!
  • Plan for increased capacity:

    Expanding your glamping site allows you to accommodate more guests, increasing your revenue potential. With proper planning, you can optimise space and create a seamless experience for your visitors.

Our consultants have all the experience and expertise to support you through this process: Speak to us

Is it hard to get Planning Approval to Expand Your Glamping Site?

Obtaining approval for a glamping site expansion may seem daunting, especially if you've already been through the initial approval process.

Is it hard to get planning approval to expand your glamping site

However, you'll be pleased to know that securing planning approval to expand is often easier than the initial planning.

These factors increase your chances of gaining expansion planning approval:

  • Planning precedent has been set

    One of the biggest factors in a planning decision (if not the biggest) is planning precedent. This is why our glamping feasibility studies here focus a lot on your council’s glamping approval rate. If your council has already approved a glamping site on your land the precedent has been set and an approval for expansion will therefore be a lot easier. 
  • Leveraging your experience:

    Having successfully obtained initial approval, you have a better understanding of the requirements and processes involved. You can leverage your past experience and knowledge to streamline the second approval process. 
  • Demonstrating proven success:

    Highlight the achievements and positive feedback from your existing glamping site. Showcase the demand for your services, guest reviews, and any industry recognition you've received. This evidence will strengthen your case for expansion.
  • Address concerns proactively:

    Anticipate potential concerns or objections that the authorities may raise. Prepare comprehensive plans addressing issues such as traffic management, environmental impact, and community engagement. By proactively addressing these concerns, you demonstrate your commitment to responsible expansion.

Speak to our team about how if we can help and guide you through this process here: Book a call

What are the benefits of expanding your Glamping Site?

Expanding your glamping site opens up a world of advantages that go beyond increased capacity. Let's explore some of the key benefits that await you:

Benefits of expanding your glamping site

  • Enhanced capacity:

    By expanding your glamping site, you can welcome a larger number of guests, boosting your revenue potential. Increased capacity allows you to cater to peak demand periods, special events, and group bookings, maximising your occupancy rate. 
  • Broadened appeal:

    A larger site offers opportunities to diversify your accommodation options. Introduce new and unique glamping experiences, such as luxury pods, themed cabins, or treehouses. Catering to a wider range of preferences enhances your site's appeal and attracts a broader customer base.
  • Improved return on investment (ROI):

    Expanding your glamping site can yield a higher return on investment. By increasing capacity and attracting more guests, you generate more revenue. Additionally, with economies of scale, your operational costs per guest can decrease, resulting in improved profitability.
  • Competitive advantage:

    In a rapidly growing glamping market, expansion can give you a competitive edge. By offering a wider range of amenities and accommodation choices, you position your site as a top choice for glamping enthusiasts. Stay ahead of the competition and establish yourself as a market leader.
Costs will not increase linearly by expanding your number of pods

It's important to understand that costs do not increase linearly with a new pod. To understand better jump to our Glamping Site Expansion Statistics section here where we dig into the return on investment (ROI).

Alternatively, why not discuss your expansion plans with our expert team: Arrange a meeting

NC500 Pods Achieves Planning Approval for Expansion

Planning approval has been granted for an exciting new addition to the renowned glamping site at Achmelvich, Scotland.

NC500 Pods Achmelvich

NC500 Pods, a popular Glamping brand has captured the hearts of travellers exploring the picturesque North Coast 500 Route, offering a unique and contemporary accommodation experience. 

The expansion involves an additional pod increasing the number of pods from 4 to 5 pods. 

The council planners never spoke to Glampitect or asked a single question, they just approved it - this is unheard of in initial applications!

In the next section, we uncover how long (or how quickly) it took to approve - spoiler alert, you'll be surprised!

Glampitect Designer Toni's Perspective on the NC500 Pods Expansion

Toni, resident designer at Glampitect helps guide the planning and designs for existing and on-going projects - she managed the plans for the expansion at NC500 Pods.

Glamping Planning Glampitect Designer Toni

After Toni received the news of approval, she was super pleased:

"The expansion process could not have been easier, the council were quick and decisive and could easily see the benefits the additional unit proposes".

"From submitting in April there were no planning challenges which made for a quick turnaround and an approval in 2 months. With the existing units creating such success for travellers it is easy to see the demand in the area. I can't wait to see what happens next." shared Toni.

The success above demonstrates that with careful planning and consideration, expansion can be achieved while maintaining the integrity and appeal of the site.

Get free advice by booking a call with one of our glamping consultants today - discuss your plans.

Glamping Site Expansion Statistics

Now that we've highlighted the benefits of expanding your Glamping Site, let's take a quick look at some compelling ROI statistics:

NC500 Pods Expansion - Return on Investment (ROI)

Here we can see NC500 Pods' return on investment between 4 and 5 pods:

Glamping Return On Investment Expansion

We can see a huge 96% increase in ROI based on running costs vs revenue:
  • 4 pods annual running cost = £50,000
    Revenue = £230,000*
    Return on investment = 460%
  • 5 pods annual running cost = £53,000
    Revenue = £287,500*
    Return on investment = 556% (+96%)

*The above are based on £190 per night at an 83% occupancy.

Glamping Return on Investment 1 Pod

From the additional pod alone, the ROI is a game-changing 1900% based on running costs vs revenue:
  • 1 additional pod annual running cost = £3000
    Revenue = £57,500*
    Return on investment = 1900%

*Based on £190 per night at an 83% occupancy.

Expanding your Glamping Site - Revenue vs Running Costs

Expanding your glamping site revenue vs running costs unlock full potential

Your return on investment (ROI) on running costs compounds the more pods you have:
  • 1 pod annual running cost = £7740
    Revenue = £28,470*
    Return on investment = 367%
  • 4 pods annual running cost = £20,460
    Revenue = £113,880*
    Return on investment = 556%
  • 10 pods annual running cost £45,000
    Revenue = £284,700*
    Return on investment = 632%

*The above are based on £130 per night at a 60% occupancy.

It is important to know that the return on investment above will not include your initial pod investment, to work out your investment cost, use our free calculator here: Calculator

Why wait any longer? Expand your Glamping site and increase your returns! Kickstart your expansion

Are You Thinking about Expanding Your Glamping Site?

Big Glamping Pods

If you're a glamping site owner considering expansion, you may be wondering about the process and how to navigate the planning permission requirements. 

Well you're in luck, our team of Glamping Consultants are here to help you turn your vision into a reality.

With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can guide you through the planning process, ensuring compliance with regulations and offering creative solutions to maximise the potential of your site. 

Contact us here


Expanding your glamping site is an exciting opportunity to unlock its full potential. 

With careful planning, leveraging your past approvals and addressing concerns proactively, securing a second approval becomes a smoother process. 

By expanding your site, you benefit from:

  • Improved return on investment (ROI)
  • Increased capacity
  • Enhanced appeal
Stay ahead of the competition, cater to a broader customer base, and achieve greater profitability. Take the first step towards expansion today and embark on a journey of glamping success.

Glamping Pod Site

If you're considering expanding your own glamping site, don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced Glamping Consultants. They can provide invaluable guidance throughout the planning process, helping you bring your vision to life while adhering to regulations and maximising the potential of your site.

With our support, you can create a truly exceptional glamping experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Interested in learning more?

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