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New Glamping Unit Comparison Service Launched

Glampitect are delighted to announce a revolutionary new product in the glamping industry. So many of our clients know that they want to start a glamping business, but they’re unclear on two things:

  1. Which style of glamping unit to choose. Do they go for a glamping pod, shepherd hut, dome, or something else?
  2. Which manufacturer to use as their supplier.

Decisions like this don’t have to be made straight away, but the longer you’re unsure about these questions, the longer it takes for you to open your doors and start making money.

Part of the problem with choosing a style and a manufacturer is that it’s difficult to know exactly what options are available. It’s why we get so many clients asking to point us in the right direction.

We’ve recognised the need for more guidance in this area, and for over a year we’ve been secretly developing a solution. That solution is called Glamcompare, and it’s a free tool for anyone who wants to start a glamping business but is unsure about unit selection.


How does it work?

Think of it as the Compare The Market of the glamping world. We’ve partnered with a range of trusted manufacturers to ensure you’re only presented with the best options for your glamping project.

All you have to do is enter a few basic details about what you’re looking for in our Unit Comparison section, and Glamcompare will present you with a range of suitable options. Or you can just use our Listings feature to browse through all the available options.

What next?

Visit Glamcompare and get started! If you’re interested in applying to Glamcompare as a trusted manufacturer, email sam@glamcompare.com for more information.

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