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Introducing AvantGlamp at NEC: A Glamping Resort by Glampitect

Introducing AvantGlamp at NEC A Glamping Resort By Glampitect

Today marks a milestone in Glampitect history as we announce the launch of one of the UK's biggest glamping sites, "AvantGlamp at NEC", scheduled to open in 2024 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

AvantGlamp at NEC Lilly Pods and Glamping Pods

Introducing AvantGlamp at NEC.

4 years in the making, Calum MacLeod, CEO of Glampitect and NC500 Pods dreamed of starting a glamping resort at the NEC, nestled between Resorts World and the Halls of the National Exhibition Centre.

With the team at Glampitect at his side and a bold vision, all the hard work in preparation and planning has paid off and AvantGlamp at NEC is planned to open in 2024.

In this article, we'll discuss:

AvantGlamp at NEC Planning Approved

As you may or may not know, Glampitect are the UK's leading Glamping Site consultancy. We help setup glamping sites across the UK from the peaks of Scotland to the shores of Cornwall, with 100+ planning approvals and over 1200 feasibility studies completed, we are the go-to agency for supporting you on your Glamping venture.

Lakeside Location

AvantGlamp at NEC Resorts World

Situated by Pendigo Lake just across from the NEC Birmingham and Resorts World Arena, lies an extraordinary site.

This remarkable location is set to have 59 pods, including 13 idyllic over-water pods with balconies and a scenic over water lily pad communal space, each meticulously designed by Glampitect to offer an unforgettable staycation experience.

With three distinct pod designs, this site has been thoughtfully crafted to accommodate up to 248 guests at once, providing a unique and sustainable retreat for all visitors.

Glampitect Design & Planning

Oliver Rimmer Glampitect Sales Consultant

With our expertise in establishing bespoke glamping sites, Glampitect has taken charge of every aspect of the planning, design, and implementation processes, transforming the site from its initial stages to obtaining planning approval.

From the initial idea to intricate designs, detailed drawings, carefully crafted submissions, and thorough surveys, Glampitect has played a pivotal role in shaping this visionary project.

Innovative Features

AvantGlamp at NEC Multi-functional Space and Meeting Area

Pioneering in the world of eco-friendly tourism, AvantGlamp at NEC will include many forward-thinking and sustainable features:

  • State-of-the-art app for keyless entry management system
  • A charming over-water communal area
  • A serene woodland setting
  • Versatile multifunctional spaces
  • Complimentary transportation around the campus in golf buggies

These exciting additions will enhance the overall experience for guests, providing them with convenience and relaxation throughout their stay.

NEC Campus Transformation

AvantGlamp at NEC Forest Pathway and Glamping Pods

As an integral part of the NEC Campus transformation plan, this groundbreaking initiative is a testament to Glampitect's dedication to crafting extraordinary luxury experiences.

Situated in a prime location, the pods will provide seamless access to a wide range of entertainment, business, and leisure facilities in the surrounding area.

Testimonials and Collaborative Success

Andy Cole, Director of Property, Partnerships, and Media at the NEC

Andy Cole from the NEC emphasised the immense value of this collaboration, expressing his deep appreciation for Glampitect's invaluable contributions, he said:

"Glampitect's expertise has been instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Their meticulous planning and design efforts have seamlessly aligned with our aspirations to diversify the NEC Campus."

Calum MacLeod, Director of AvantGlamp

Glampitect CEO Calum MacLeod

Calum MacLeod, Director at AvantGlamp was delighted about reaching this milestone. He had this to say:

“We are so proud to be launching our latest venture in the glamping industry with our stunning new site at NEC Birmingham."
“Having a presence in the Midlands makes perfect sense for us and this really is the perfect destination. Being in the heart of the country, as well as having a plethora of leisure and entertainment options on your doorstep, it’s an ideal place to stay."
“After launching our first site in the Highlands in 2019 (pictured below), our business has gone from strength to strength, and we’re delighted to be able to unveil one of the biggest destinations of its kind in the UK.”

Achmelvich NC500 Pods Scotland
NC500 Pods

“The NEC have been a breath of fresh air to work with from start to finish on this phase of the development and we are very excited to maintain that fantastic relationship when we open and beyond.”

AvantGlamp at NEC Corridor Glamping Pods

“We are looking to push the boundaries of what is possible with AvantGlamp and our flagship NEC resort is the perfect place to start.”

Xanthe Davies, Senior Designer at Glampitect


Xanthe Davies, Senior Designer at Glampitect played a key role in designing the glamping resort. When asked about how she felt, she had this to say:

"I am incredibly proud to be part of the talented and hard working team to achieve the long awaited planning approval for the flagship Avantglamp site at NEC."

AvantGlamp at NEC Entrance and Drop-Off Point

"The woodland site offered challenges that we would have never overcome if not for the dedicated team who all contributed their expertise to deliver a sustainable glamping site that will celebrate its woodland setting. I can't wait to see our vision come to life!"

Sustainability Commitment

AvantGlamp at NEC is in seamless alignment with the NEC Group's Better Events ESG Strategy, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, and their aspirations to achieve net zero by 2030.

AvantGlamp at NEC Nature

Every element of the process, from the final layout and landscaping to specialist installation and construction methodology, the guest management, and day-to-day operations of the resort, has been driven by the mission to achieve carbon neutrality, incorporating a careful selection of approaches and the enhancement of biodiversity.

The result is a luxurious glamping resort that lays a testament to the dedication to creating a greener future and sets the bar in the luxury glamping industry.

Launch your Dream Glamping site

Glamping Pod with Hot Tub

With a focus on creating unique and customised glamping sites and glamping resorts, Glampitect is at the forefront of the industry.

With AvantGlamp at NEC, a highly ambitious project getting approved, this demonstrates Glampitect's crucial role in the design and planning success.

Imagine the potential you could unlock with your Glamping idea!

Glampitect's meticulous planning and design expertise can ensure the successful implementation of dream glamping projects, providing guests with unmatched luxury and environmentally-conscious experiences.

Our expert team are here to guide you at every stage of your glamping journey - book a call here.

Let us help you kick start your Glamping site by helping with:

  1. Feasibility Studies: Not sure if your glamping plan will work? Let's conduct a feasibility study and map out the path to success.

  2. Planning Permission: Navigating the red tape of planning permission can be daunting. We're here to streamline the process and make it hassle-free.

  3. Pod Selection: Choose from our diverse range of glamping pods, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences.

  4. Website and Marketing: Once your glamping site is ready, we can assist with creating an online presence and marketing strategy to fill those bookings.

To discuss any of the above, schedule a call here.


AvantGlamp at NEC Glamping Pods and Pathway

In a momentous milestone, Glampitect launches AvantGlamp at NEC, one of the UK's largest glamping pod sites boasting 59 meticulously designed pods. This project cements Glampitect's position as the leading Glamping Site consultancy.

AvantGlamp at NEC isn't just luxury; it's a commitment to sustainable retreats for up to 248 guests.

Setting a new standard for sustainable travel experiences, Glampitect sets the stage for a future where luxury and environmental consciousness converge in the glamping landscape.

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