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Getting into Glamping: Key Insights from the Glamping Seminar 2023 at the NAEC

Getting into Glamping Key Insights from the Glamping Seminar 2023 at the NAEC Calum MacLeod Xanthe Davies Luke Pica Sirus Keane

The Glampitect team are regularly asked for guidance on how to start a successful glamping business. At the recent Glamping Show, Calum MacLeod, Xanthe Davies, Luke Pica and Sirus Keane discussed the valuable points below:

Meet the experts

Taking place at the recent NAEC Stoneleigh Glamping Show, our panel shared their expertise to help educate prospective glamping owners on crucial considerations, realistic timeframes and the value of getting trusted support. Watch the video below:


Why choose Glampitect as your glamping consultant?

Sirus Keane AvantGlamp Speaker Glamping Show 2023

AvantGlamp's Sirus Keane emphasised the importance of finding knowledgeable partners, rather than attempting to independently self-manage everything when starting out — advice that strongly supports enlisting experts like the team here at Glampitect.

As your consultants, we become an extension of your own team, providing end-to-end guidance and project management from initial market research through to opening day and beyond.

Our full-service approach means you have an experienced ally supporting you through every stage, handling critical tasks like:

  • Navigating the planning process
  • Creating bespoke glamping pod designs suited to your individual preferences
  • Developing your digital presence e.g. marketing and social media
  • Creating data-driven strategies to promote ongoing success

We strip away the stresses so you can focus on bringing your dream glamping vision to life.

Speak to our Team

Conducting diligent market research before investing

Luke Pica Speaker Glamping Show 2023

Glampitect Research Lead, Luke Pica, expressed thoroughly researching the feasibility and potential viability of your prospective glamping site prior to major investment being a crucial initial step.

With that goal in mind, our detailed feasibility studies provide invaluable data by analysing key factors such as: 

  • The planning environment including current restrictions, designations, and council policies 
  • Pricing, amenities, offerings, and occupancy rates of nearby competitor accommodations 
  • Current and projected tourism demand in the region along with seasonal travel patterns 
  • Area demographics, attractions, infrastructure, accessibility, and natural features

Get Feasibility Informed

This thorough research aids greatly in estimating start-up and operational costs, projecting potential revenues based on local conditions, uncovering obstacles early and determining overall feasibility well before you invest significant capital.

Luke emphasised, assumptions can lead projects astray, but the numbers and data tell the true story. Glampitect can deliver a comprehensive 20-25 page feasibility study report within 4-6 weeks.

During the Q&A, one attendee asked how our feasibility studies can help choose the optimal location. We explained these reports go far beyond simply noting if a site fits zoning rules. By examining granular demand factors, our clients gain data-driven insights into the highest potential sites well-suited to their specific glamping concept and target audience.

Download Feasibility Info Pack

Demystifying the planning permission process

Glampitect Seminar Glamping Show 2023

Our panel stressed the great risk of starting any glamping project without first securing proper planning permission, warning that incorrectly assuming exemptions exist can jeopardise your entire endeavour. Yet navigating the permissions process is complex, tedious, and often frustrating for newcomers.

Get Planning Permission Guide

That's where our experience translates into major value! Our planning experts act as your advisor and project manager throughout the multi-stage application and approval journey, handling communications and filings so you avoid any errors or mistakes along the way.

We offer guidance around key routes such as:

  • Obtaining pre-planning guidance
  • Submitting the comprehensive full permission application
  • Or making permissible post-approval alterations. 

Crucially, our team is well-versed in overcoming obstacles that regularly trip up novice applicants, like unreasonable delays, challenging requests for further details, or initial outright rejections.

We work collaboratively with local councils to ensure your application adequately addresses any concerns in a compliant manner, minimising rejections and delays that can push back your opening by months or longer. Our involvement significantly eases the permissions phase.

Bringing your unique glamping vision to life

Glampitect Pod Factory Glamping Show 2023-1

Your glamping concept should excite and inspire you. During the seminar, designing accommodations and sites based on your specific target customer was discussed, correctly noting factors like unit sizes that appeal to families versus couples.

Glampitect's tailored site layouts and thorough interior and exterior designs skill-fully bring your unique vision to life, from initial sketches through to materialisation. Our creative concepts align with your brand, hospitality style, aesthetics, and most importantly, the guests you aim to attract.

One attendee asked: "What design services do you offer during and after the planning stage?" We explained that we provide site plans for approvals as well as comprehensive interior design, developing every detail from furnishings to finishes to fully realise your ideal guest experience.

Our designers don't rely on templates - your glamping vision is translated into a bespoke, high-fidelity concept designed just for you.

Book a chat with our friendly consultants

Developing realistic project timelines

Erin Glampitect Designer Glamping Show 2023

Well-intentioned enthusiasm can often lead to underestimating timelines. Our experts advised allowing 12-18 months from initial market research and planning to opening day, correctly emphasising that launching a new glamping enterprise requires ample time.

At Glampitect, we leverage our extensive experience to set clear, realistic expectations around timeframes, helping clients anticipate and budget for the process.

From our initial feasibility study (typically 4-6 weeks) to securing planning permissions (commonly 8-12 weeks) to construction, interior fit-out, and launch marketing, we map out a project plan engineered for your success. Understanding the roadmap ahead provides confidence.


Glampitect Team Glamping Show 2023 updated

In closing, starting a successful glamping business takes time and expertise, so you can depend on us to help with:

  • Researching feasibility
  • Designing your dream glamping site
  • Navigating planning permission and approvals
  • Developing realistic timeframes to launch a thriving glamping business.

As trusted consultants dedicated to this exciting industry, Glampitect is here to turn your wildest glamping aspirations into reality. Reach out and let's discuss how we can help your vision take shape!

Let's discuss your glamping plans

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