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How to Find the Best Glamping Pod Manufacturers in the Middle East

Glamping pod manufacturers in the Middle East are hard to find, even though the end user demand for glamping is at an all time high and growing! We want to help find the right manufacturer for you.

How to find the right glamping pod manufacturer in the Middle East:

  1. Have an idea of where you will site your glamping pods
  2. Have an idea of who will be staying at your glamping resort
  3. Discuss your ideas with potential glamping pod manufacturers and select the most suited to your project
  4. Create designs of your glamping pods, including floor plans, elevations and 3D renders
  5. Work with the manufacturer during the build to ensure you are happy from start to finish

Glampitect can help with all of these steps to ensure you create the best glamping resort possible. We are the Middle East's best glamping pod manufacturers and the first to bring the high quality, transportable glamping pods to the market here.

You may want to read about what glamping is before we go further.

Middle east glamping pod at hotel show

Have an Idea of Where You Will Site Your Glamping Pods

  • Where will your resort be geographically?
  • Are you by the beach or in the mountains?
  • What is the climate like?

In order to find the best manufacturer for your glamping pods in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or beyond you first need to know where your site is going to be geographically. Is it going to be at your farm near Riyadh? Or your beach resort in Ras Al Khaimah? Glampitect are based in Dubai. If you have access by road (no matter how far) they are likely the best glamping pod supplier for you. 

Are you in the desert, on a sandy beach or the rocky mountains? This will impact the type of glamping pods you can have, how the services are installed and the type of foundation you use. You must also consider the local climate. It is likely extremely hot and humid, which Glampitect can prepare for. However, there are some areas in the region that are cooler and wetter, think Al Baha in Southern Saudi.

Find out more about what Glampitect can offer here.

Glamping pod manufactured in Dubai

Have an Idea of Who Will be Staying at Your Glamping Resort

  • Will it be families or couples/friends staying at your resort?
  • Are there tourist attractions nearby?
  • How long will your visitors stay?

A very important part of designing your glamping pods is to understand the demographic of visitor that you're going to have stay with you. This can then help pick the supplier of the pods. If it is likely a Saudi family is going to be your target market, you will want a larger pod with a more traditional Arabic design. If it is a young couple you can design more contemporary and have less space.

Are there tourist attractions near your potential glamping resort? This would impact the type of glamping pod and manufacturer you should pick. If you are in the mountains, you likely want a pod that is more suited to an adventure weekend. Down by the beach you want to prepare for beach holidays.

If your visitors are likely to only stay for one night, you don't need so much storage, however if they are staying for a week, you'll need a lot of room for clothes. Are your visitors likely to use nearby restaurants, or will you have an on site restaurant? If so you will need less cooking facilitates in the pod. If there is nothing nearby you'll need to supply a microwave and maybe even a hob/oven.

Download our glamping pod brochure here.

Glamping pod being built to be delivered to saudi arabia

Discuss Your Ideas with Potential Glamping Pod Manufacturers and Select the Most Suited to Your Project

There aren't many glamping pod manufacturers in the Middle East but fortunately Glampitect is the perfect solution to all of your glamping needs in the region. They have standard glamping solutions but can also create a fully bespoke design for you. Reach out to them today.

Next, we suggest you meet your manufacturer. Arrange to have a coffee with them and discuss your project and ideas. Your ideas will be good and having an expert help with them can take the ideas to the next level.

Once you've had these discussions, the manufacturer will be able to put together a proposal for you.

Speak to Glampitect today.

completion of glamping pod build in dubai

Create Designs of Your Glamping Pods, Including Floor Plans, Elevations and 3D Renders

  • Create floorplans and elevations with your chosen manufacturer
  • Move on to 3D renders from there
  • Discuss the design to ensure it's perfect
  • Make your order!!

To visualize what your glamping pods and resort will look like, you're going to need some drawings and renders. Work with your chosen manufacturer to create the perfect designs for your new glamping resort. They may even have an in house architecture team that can help with the whole design - Glampitect does!

Depending on the level of work, the manufacturer may require payment. At Glampitect for example, payment is not required if the pod designs are standard. However, if there is a bespoke pod design element, payment will be required but will be refundable against a pod purchase should that come. That ultimately makes the designs net zero cost.

Discuss the designs with your manufacturer to ensure they fit the resort you have in mind - then go ahead and make the order with them!

See Glampitect's glamping pod designs here.

glamping pod being delivered from glampitect factory

Work with the Manufacturer During the Build to Ensure You are Happy from Start to Finish

  • If your order is large enough, have a prototype pod built first
  • Visit the factory regularly during the build to ensure you're happy
  • Arrange phased delivery if required

If your order is large and you have a completely new bespoke design, work with your manufacturer to create a prototype and sign off on it before any more are built. This means you and the manufacturer have an example to agree on and work from, so the rest are perfect too!

Any reputable glamping pod manufacturer in the Middle East would be happy for you to come and visit at any point during the build of your pods to review how it's going. Take the opportunity!

glampitect CEO and COO at hotel show dubai

What Next?

Ready to take the next step to find your perfect glamping pod manufacturer in the Middle East? Download Glampitect's glamping pod brochure or if you want to have a discussion, contact Glampitect today

Download our brochure here