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If you're in the process of starting a glamping business, or still just thinking about it, get in touch and chat things through with us.


+971 58 510 9293


+971 58 510 9293

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Is the pod equipped for hot weather?

Yes, all external materials are selected with the Middle Eastern climate in mind.

Is the pod waterproof?

Yes, the pod is externally watertight. It also includes a waterproof membrane for extra protection.

Does the pod come with AC?

Yes, all pods come with AC as standard.

Can the pod be bigger?

Yes, the pod can be whatever size you like. However, we would suggest a width of no more than 3.3m to keep transport costs down.

Is this the only shape?

Your pod can come in any shape you like. We can assist with designing the pod internally and externally.

What is the internal finish?

As standard the pod is finished in whitewood, however this can be changed to specification. Laminate or vinyl wrapping could be used to reduce cost and increase variability.

Where are the pods manufactured?

All pods are fully built in Dubai.

Does the pod come with a warranty?

Yes, the entirety of the pod comes with a 2 year warranty, however several components warranties are much longer. The roof tiles, for example, come with a 40 year warranty.

Does the pod come fully built?

Yes, the pod comes fully prefabricated, ready to plug and play.

Where can the pods be delivered to?

We can deliver worldwide. However, we are focused on the UAE and Saudi Arabia due to lower transport costs and times.

How does the pod get delivered?

As standard all pods are delivered by road, however they can be shipped if necessary.

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If you’re still on the fence about starting a glamping site, start small – our feasibility study guide will tell you everything you need to know about building your glamping site.

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