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We've Created World Class Glamping Sites

Since launching in 2019 we have worked on over 600 glamping projects worldwide. These have been from 1 unit up to over 100, with pods world from $10k to $100k+. A lot of these sites are now open and have visitors staying in them as you read this.

We have consulted on over 1000 glamping projects worldwide, most notably the UK, USA and Middle East. We've designed and built some of the best glamping pods in the world and we now realise the huge requirement for this in the Middle East. There is a massive demand for glamping stays but nowhere near enough sites to cater for the demand!

We have completed 100s of feasibility studies meaning we know everything there is to know about starting a glamping business. We are the worlds leading glamping investment consultancy due to the work done to date.

What We've Done

  • Designed World Class Glamping Sites
  • Built 5 Star Glamping Pods
  • Completed 100s of Glamping Feasibility Studies
  • Consulted on over 1000 Glamping Projects Worldwide
  • Gained Glamping Planning Approval in the UK
  • Completed Concept Designs in USA
  • Consulted on Several Large Scale Middle East Projects

Success Stories

Whether it’s Stouslise Snugs, Chid Glamping, Braeview Glamping or even our own sites, NC500 Pods, the joy we derive from helping people realise their glamping dreams is what motivates us day in, day out.

Interested in seeing more of the work we’ve done? Take a look at our client case studies.

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