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When starting your world class glamping investment, you need the perfect pods. Glamping site visitors go for the experience. They want to be out in nature, with all the comforts of a 5 star hotel room. They want a beautiful en-suite bathroom, an Egyptian cotton Queen sized bed and some even want a kitchen. 

We know all this because we are the world leading experts in setting up glamping sites. We have worked on over 600 glamping projects in the last 3 years alone.

From this experience we have gained a lot of knowledge on what your future glamping site visitors want. From that we have designed the perfect glamping pods which we hand craft for you, at whatever volume you need.

Our glamping pods are built off site and delivered to site, ready to stay in straight away, meaning you make money from day 1.

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Picking the Perfect Glamping Pod Can Be Challenging

To understand the best glamping pod for you, you'll need to know:

  • What do my visitors want to stay in?
  • What glamping pods are the most profitable?
  • What pods will fit in to the surroundings?
  • What pods will be able to cope with the climate?
  • ....and much more

The good news is we've been in your shoes, we own our own glamping sites in the UK and have helped over 600 clients start their glamping investment. We are also in design for our own new investment which will be the largest glamping site in the UK, at the front door of one of the most well known locations in the country. We will use this knowledge and experience to help you select the best glamping pods for you.

Your visitors want to stay in a 5 star quality glamping pod whilst having the outdoors on their doorstep. Nothing can create this quite like glamping. They want to expeience the outdoors whilst still enjoying the luxury they are used to at home. Chances are they probably want WiFi and a TV with Netflix too...

In the current market, every glamping pod is extremely profitable. Most glamping investments return the entire investment within a year of opening.

A high quality pod may cost $45k and rent out for $450 per night. In only 100 nights the pods would be paid off!

Because everything is profitable, the thing you should be most interested in here is 'how many months of the year can these pods be occupied?'. We design our pods with strong AC (of course) and extremely good insulation. This extends your season considerably, meaning you can have guests more of the year and therefore make more profit.

We know the landscape throughout the Middle East can vary hugely depending on region. You may be in the hot, sandy deserts of the UAE or the cool, wet, cold areas of Southern Saudi Arabia. 

When it comes to aesthetically fitting into the landscape, you need to ensure the exterior of your glamping pod either compliments or contrasts. We have a large number of external finishes that mean you can fit in to any environment with ease.

When it comes to climate, as we've said the region varies massively. We change our external materials depending on the environment the pods will live in, to ensure they are durable and able to cope with the heat, or the wet for many years to come.

We can help you design a glamping pod that fits perfectly with your requirements given our experience then build it to perfection ready to drop into place for your new glamping investment.

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Built Offsite, Delivered Ready to Use

One of the biggest benefits glamping has over hotels (other than setup cost and desirability) is that pods are pre-fabricated off site and are delivered ready to use from day 1.

We will build your perfect glamping pods in our factory and deliver them by road in a finished state. All you need to do is put in the finishing touches, connect to utilities and start making money. 

 Your pod will be fully built with all electrical work, plumbing and telecoms completed inside. We will leave easy to access input/output so you can plug it in and welcome your guests. All fixed furnishings will be included, such as bed frame, kitchen and all bathroom fittings.

This massively reduces the amount of time and effort you need to put in on site to start your dream glamping investment.

5 Star Hotel Finish

  • Beautiful Internal & External Finish
  • High Quality Furnishings
  • Bespoke and Made to Order

Our pods are designed to have the finish of a five star hotel room because we understand your target market wants luxury. Internally we finish with timber as standard, though we can complete with any finish you like. 

Both inside and outside, we ensure your new glamping pods will match the quality of the site you are planning to build. 

All of our pods are built to order, so they can be completely bespoke. Let us know how you want the pod to look and we will be able to design and build it to match your five star intentions.

Climate Resistant Exterior

  • External Materials to Match Climate
  • Heat Resistant for Hot Areas
  • Cold & Wet Resistant for Cold/Wet Areas

We want your new pods to survive the climate, in fact we want them to thrive in it! We build all our pods to match the local climate, to ensure they survive the heat... or the cold! Whether your region has temperatures up to 50 degrees in the summer, or below 0 degrees in the winter, our pods can be built for you. 

This can help your bottom line too...

We want your site to profit for as much of the year as possible. To do this we install excellent AC and insulation to extend the time people can stay with you. This in turn increases your profitability!

Durable Steel Frame Structure

  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Structurally Sound for Many Years to Come
  • Lifting Technology for Easy Transport

Our pods are made with durable galvanized steel frames to ensure they are structurally sound for years to come. Yes, all your visitors are going to be bothered about is how the pod looks in their instagram pics but you need to ensure longevity and this does it.

We have designed smart lifting technology into our pods to ensure they are easy to deliver and place on site. This also means that if you ever want to move your pod around site, or to another location on site, it's easy to do!

We take care of the structure so you never have to. The frame is designed to last and it will for as long as you want your pods to be on site.

Expert Designers & Builders

  • Designed & Built by Glamping Industry Experts
  • In Depth Knowledge of Target Market
  • Years of Construction Experience

We have experience working on over 600 glamping projects, the most of any company in the world. We are experts in the field, with our CEO talking on panels, podcasts and youtube channels on the topic. We are the most known name in the glamping industry, who better to help you start your glamping investment?

We understand your target market, partly because most of the team are your target market! Also because we have written the literature on the glamping industry. We know it inside and out so we can ensure your site is perfect for the end user.

We have a wealth of knowledge in building structures in the Middle East and we're perfectly placed to take your glamping site forward.

Want to Find Out More About Your Perfect Glamping Units?

We have created an information pack full of everything you need to know about our glamping pods.

Download this information pack today and find out how suitable our glamping pods are for your new investment.

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Want Something a Bit Different?

Our standard glamping pods are massively popular and ready to ride the wave the glamping industry is about to create in the Middle East. We can, however, cater to your needs and build to a client specification different to the standard.

If you want to go for something a little different, we're more than happy to help with the design and build! Speak to one of the team today to find out what we can do to help.

Want to Speak About Pods Now?

If you're ready to have a conversation with one of our expert team about glamping pods, fill in your details today and we can arrange a call. Our team will be more than happy to help with any request you have.