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Glamorous Camping

It may be called glamorous camping but it's a long way from camping! Think 5 star hotel room, dropped into the most beautiful parts of nature.

Glamping is an amalgamation of two words – glamorous and camping. So by definition, glamping is glamorous camping. It is for those who like the outdoors but also like the comfort of their own home or a hotel room. A massive ‘phase’ has grown from this. This phase has turned into a long term trend that's popular and here to stay!

What Are Glamping Pods?

Glamping Pods are 5 star hotel rooms dropped into the desert! The are structures, usually around 20m2 in floor space with all the furnishings of a luxury hotel room. They are transportable and built off site for ease of the glamping site investor.

They are generally made from timber, though internal and external finishes can be amended to suit the climate and client. The are beautifully finished inside to give a 5 star feel to cater to your visitors needs. They can sleep from 2 to 6 people depending on internal configuration and all come with an en-suite as standard.

Glamping pods can command large nightly rental figures of $300 to $1000 per night! Considering pods cost $30k-100k to buy depending on quality, the return investment extremely quickly! In fact, investing in glamping has a better ROI that almost all other investments on the market, other than very high risk investments.

  • 5 Star Hotel Room Quality
  • Built Off Site & Transportable
  • Huge Nightly Rental & ROI
  • Unique and On-Trend
  • Massively Desirable

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Is Glamping Popular?

Glamping has become extremely popular throughout the world, with the UK leading the trend. Recently, demand has massively grown in the Middle East to the point that there is a huge number of people wanting to go glamping and not enough sites to accommodate.

We are at the perfect time for starting a glamping investment in the Middle East. There is a massive wave of demand that anyone starting a glamping business here can ride for years to come!

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