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Start Your Glamping Business

We support anyone with a passion for glamping or an eye for an additional income. Our glamping site specialists are on hand to help you get started. Whether its understanding what’s feasible or producing your perfect glamping pods, our experts are on your side.

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We're Here To Move You Forward

Our experience has been taken from planning, designing and project managing an award winning glamping site – NC500 Pods. One successful project has lead to completion of dozens of other glamping pod projects, from planning to execution we're the UK’s only glamping design and implementation specialists.

  • Glamping Site Feasibility
  • Manufacture of Glamping Pods
  • Glamping Site Design
  • Advice on Starting a Glamping Business
  • Outbuilding Production

Discover If Your Idea Is Feasible

The Journey

We are here to support your glamping journey from start to finish. There is a lot to think about before you get started.

  • Assess if your idea is viable
  • Design your glamping site
  • Set up your business
  • Choose your glamping pods
  • Spread the word
  • Plug in your new pods
  • Welcome your first guests

Glamping Site Design

Talk to our expert designers about your plans and your vision and they will work with you to create detailed concept designs, bringing your idea to life.

By optimising the site layout you'll see the idea number of pods to build, and the best layout to minimise the development costs. 

You'll also be able to see how much landscaping is needed and establish the impact your site will have on the local and natural environment.

Glamping Site Design

Buy Glamping Pods

Select the best glamping pods for your site.

Our 5 star glamping pods are manufactured from long lasting materials designed to withstand extremes of climate.

They are delivered with all electrics, plumbing and fixed furnishings already supplied so you can get ready to open your doors right away.

Choose Your Glamping Pods

Our Story

We started our own journey as glamping owners and when we got busy, during our second season we realised how many other glamping sites might struggle to get off the ground.

From lived experience and backgrounds in architecture, design and planning our team wants to make your glamping site aspirations come true.

  • We understand no two projects are the same.
  • We know not all glamping units are suitable for all sites.
  • We take your ambitions and plans and help you bring them to life.
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