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Buying Glamping Pods in 2023?

Often one of the most tricky parts of starting a glamping site can be selecting the right manufacturer. It’s a bit of a minefield as there seems to be new manufacturers popping up every day trying to capitalise on the massive increase in popularity of glamping in recent years.

So how do you know which glamping units to buy for your dream site? As with most things in life, you ask an independent professional. At Glampitect, we are well integrated in the industry and are well placed to recommend glamping pod manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

Find the Best Glamping Pod Manufacturer for You

The best way by far to find the best glamping pod manufacturer for you is to speak to a professional.

At Glampitect we take a view of the whole of the market and use the fact we don’t sell glamping pods to our advantage. We apply our impartial expertise to make glamping unit recommendations so we can match you with a manufacturer that can deliver exactly what you need for your project.

The perfect glamping pod manufacturer for your site stems from your personal preferences. The hard bit is that there are dozens of manufacturers that produce each of the main glamping pod types. There are high end pods, shepherd’s huts, lower end pods among other types.


At Glampitect we can help you translate your wants and needs into the best manufacturer for your site.

There are the good, the bad and the ugly manufacturers for each type. Below we look at some of the best glamping pod manufacturers in the UK.

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Glampitect Pods


Ready to buy the glamping pods of your dreams but drowning in the sea of manufacturers? Drown no longer and let the industry leaders help.

We have worked in the glamping industry since 2018 helping people set up glamping businesses from the early stages.

We have always passed over clients to manufacturers and have often had mixed reviews. This is something we have wanted to fix for some time.

Now, we have partnered with Pod Factory, the UK's Leading Glamping Pod Manufacturer. They have built over 375 glamping pods throughout the UK over the 7 years and currently has a capacity of 120 a year.

Find out more about Glampitect Pods

Pod Factory

Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Pod Factory have supplied over 375 luxury glamping pods in the last 7 years. One of the best kept secrets in the glamping industry.

Previously supping orders for Arch Leisure, Pod Factory now have a fantastic reputation in the industry for manufacturing the UK's best glamping pods.

Glampitect have worked directly with Pod Factory to create a fantastic 2023 range of units to cater for all needs!

Speak to Pod Factory today to find out more about their fantastic glamping pod range.

Find out more about Pod Factory

Greendown Shepherd Huts

Shepherd Hut Manufacturer

Greendown have specialised in producing huts for the hospitality market with it’s Bed and Breakfast Hut. With a lifespan of 20-40year plus, this can be earning you money for years.

They have found that there is a niche market emerging with people looking for other ways to earn income.

One of the only Shepherd’s Huts in our recommended glamping pods manufacturers in the UK page at the moment.

If you a have a small piece of land this could be the perfect solution, and being mobile, some planning rules can be avoided, although they always advise speak to an expert about planning. That’s where Glampitect come in.

Find out more about Greendown Shepherd Huts

Regent Luxury Lodges

Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Glamping Pods built with care, consideration and thought are in abundance with Regent Luxury Lodges. With a wide range of different pods available and a focus on the luxurious aspect we all desire with a glamping pod.

The pods come in all different shapes and sizes and typically come with a bedroom, bathroom and all the amenities and appliances people desire when staying away from home.

With many special offers taking place and a focus on providing the best pods to the customer, you cannot go wrong with a glamping pod from Regent Luxury Lodges.

Find out more about Regent Luxury Lodges


Glamping Pod Manufacturer

There aren’t many pod manufacturers as unique as Anthropods. The level of quality and originality in their designs is simply outstanding. We also love the fact that you can customise your dream pod on the website, allowing you to play around with the features you might want for your site.

Find out more about Anthropods

Hawkshead Bespoke

Bespoke Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Based in the heart of the Lake District. Hawkshead Bespoke Pods can design and manufacture your very own bespoke pod in full consultation with yourself.

They have pride in themselves for using both high-quality materials and quality workmanship. From one-off architectural designs to multiple quality Pods, nothing is too much trouble with Hawkshead Bespoke Pods.

With outstanding customer service and a range of designs to choose from, Hawkshead Bespoke Pods are a recommended glamping pod manufacturer.

Find out more about Hawkshead Bespoke

Twilight Trees

Living Space Domes Installation

Twilight Trees specialise in products that pair functionality with wow factor. Products range from their signature LED trees to artificial blossom trees, living walls and more recently artisan social distancing screens.

Twilight Trees’ latest launch is ‘Living Spaces Domes’ which are available to buy and rent. These domes are the very best quality available, the finish is crystal clear and they offer 360 degree views of your landscape. They are ideally suited to the glamping market both as sleeping pods and a whole other range of opportunities such a gym spaces, chill-out zones and kids play pods.

Twilight Trees can also offer a broad range of handpicked accessories for the domes that have both functionality and style at the forefront of their purpose.

Living Spaces Domes are flawless in design and totally versatile. They are cosy, stylish, and come with the novelty factor in spades. 

Find out more about Twilight Trees

Alba Bespoke Cabins

Glamping Pod Manufacturer

A range of different glamping pods is available on their website, ranging from Cabins to Regular Glamping Pods and even Garden Pods. You are bound to find an attractive glamping pod with Alba Bespoke Cabins, especially with their amazing designs and bespoke options available.

With an amazing range of glamping pods and a focus on the Douglas Fir Scottish timbre material throughout production, Alba Bespoke Cabins are a recommended glamping pod manufacturer.

Find out more about Alba Bespoke Cabins

Glamping Pods UK

Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Glamping Pods UK offer something a little different to your classic glamping pod. As you can see from the image, their pod design is unique, which could help set you apart from other glamping sites. They also offer completely bespoke pods for those who want to design their pods from scratch.

Find out more about Glamping Pods UK

Yurt Maker

Yurt Makers

Yurt Maker is a small family business based in Shropshire, born out of a way of life.  Henry and Mary made their first off-grid yurt to live in 15 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

The timeless beauty of these intriguing trellis tents never fails to impress, and customers have used  Yurt Maker’s products in locations as varied as London rooftops, windswept North African clifftops and even an Antarctic research station. If you are looking for robust, versatile and beautiful accommodation, welcome to the world of yurts!  

Yurts are proving to be extremely popular in the UK glamping market as they provide a spacious and comfortable holiday experience against the backdrop of rugged back-to-nature camping. 

Find out more about Yurt Maker


Specialist Temporary Accommodations

Liffin are a Dutch business that offer a variety of accommodation options. The pictured unit is ‘The Diamond’, which is like a portable hotel room. They also supply a multitude of different tents, so they may be the business to choose if you want to offer multiple glamping units on your site.

Find out more about Liffin

Enchanted Creations

Designer, Manufacturer and Builder

Enchanted Creations are a team of designers, engineers and craftspeople that come together to create the most unique offerings on this list of manufacturers. They don’t really have any standard offerings, as they’re resolutely against the ‘cookie cutter approach’.

The managing director of Enchanted Creations, Jason Devenish, featured in Episode 2 of The Glampitect PODcast. If you need some inspiration on creating an experiential destination, you should take a look at both the podcast and the forecast. 

Find out more about Enchanted Creations


Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Heart Pods is a glamping pod manufacturer based in Coventry with a wide range of amazing, high-quality glamping pods to choose from. A manufacturer with style, Heart Pods design some of the most attractive glamping pods on the market.

Their wide variety of glamping pods is what sets them apart from other manufacturers, as they range from mini pods to office pods and even dinning pods for those who want a specific area for their eating.

Regardless of the purpose of your glamping project, you are bound to find the perfect glamping pod from Heart Pods. 

Find out more about Heart

Henley Hut Co

Shepherd Hut Manufacturer

Henley Hut Co is a manufacturer with a sophisticated touch to their designs with attractive, high-quality shepherd huts. All with an infinite number of uses like offices, playrooms or studios.

Their range of shepherd huts are named after the historic counties of England such as the Berkshire range and the Oxfordshire range, but they all represent the class and spirit that these counties typically represent.

If you are looking for high-quality shepherd huts that go above the rest, Henley Hut Co is the perfect manufacturer for you.

Find out more about Henley Hut Co

Snuggeries Ltd

Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Snuggeries are a glamping pod manufacturer based in England with a focus on providing high-quality glamping pods to the masses. These glamping pods are modern, luxurious and certainly attractive to the eye.

Garden Pods are also available from Snuggeries and are of high quality, with bespoke features and a focus on the customer and what they want.

The pricing is transparent and affordable, and with amazing customer service, Snuggeries Ltd is one of our recommended glamping pod manufacturers.

Find out more about Snuggeries Ltd

Odd Pods

Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Odd Pods are among the best manufacturers of the classic glamping pod. Their use of a CE certified steel chassis ensures that their pods are particularly sturdy. Keep an eye out for special offers as well - in January 2021, they included a free hot tub for anyone ordering a pod of 7.5m x 3m or above.

Find out more about Odd Pods


Glamping Tent Manufacturer

Adria’s glamping wing specialises in a beautiful selection of glamping tents, including safari tents and bell tents. If you’re after a canvas structure that isn’t a yurt, Adria should be the first place you look.

Find out more about Adria

Lune Valley Pods

Glamping Pod Manufacturer

Lune Valley Pods have been manufacturing and supplying glamping pods for almost 9 years. Funnily enough, they first started making glamping pods in the Lune Valley. They quickly outgrew their first premises due to the demand for the high quality and excellent value pods they were building.

Lune Valley have established themselves as one of our main recommended glamping pods manufacturers in the UK.

LVP have a wide range of ‘standard’ pods available, however as every pod is made to order it is no problem to make your pod as bespoke as you like.

Their Mega Pod range is by far the most popular pod they offer. They offer these as standard with a full range of great things

Find out more about Lune Valley Pods

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