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When Is The Right Time to Use Glamping Site Design for Planning Permission?

Building your glamping site is an important task in your glamping business journey. It is the moment where everything comes together and your vision for a glamping business is finally put to light. We all dream of building our own glamping sites, but the design aspect is something that comes first before you can turn your vision into a reality.

Glamping site design is something that is needed for starting a glamping business. For a start, it makes the building process go a lot smoother once your idea is on paper. You know what to use and where everything needs to be. Also, it is necessary for the planning permission application, and also the pre-planning.

For planning permission, there are numerous different instances where it is necessary to use glamping site designs in order to showcase what you are trying to do with your glamping business and if it is acceptable for the council. 

In this article, we are going to discuss when the right time to use glamping site design is for planning permission and how you will need to use it in order to complete your planning permission application.


Where Should I Use Glamping Site Design in Planning Permission?

There are a few different instances where you are going to need glamping site designs in order to complete your planning permission. These can be drawn by hand, completed using software or done with CAD (computer-aided design).

You will need to use glamping site design throughout the pre-planning stage of starting your glamping business. These include using technical drawings to detail the layout you have in mind, details/a summary of the proposed glamping pods and a report of the concept/usage of the site.

This may seem like a hard task, but with the right assistance, you can complete the glamping site designs relatively easily. You must take care with them, as many councils have sent back planning permission applications for poor drawings. 

After you complete the pre-planning, there are more designs you will need for the main planning permission application. These include a road/parking plan (showing the council your plan to manage customer vehicles), an access drawing to show the access point to your glamping site, and a drawing of the drainage system including pipework, treatment tanks etc. 

Glamping site design, CAD render in Migdale

There are some more drawings that could be necessary depending on your glamping site including:

  • Site Section Drawings
  • Utility Distribution
  • Lighting Drawings
  • Landscaping

Is It Necessary To Include Glamping Site Design?

The short answer, yes.

The long answer, it is necessary to provide the council with glamping site designs as this shows them what you are planning to do on your glamping site and to show you have the right intentions going forward with your glamping business.

These rules and regulations are not there to cause bother, but rather protect your future customers and to make sure the glamping site is running smoothly with no issues arising. With that being said, you can get assistance with your glamping site design from many different glamping-related companies, including ourselves.


Need Any Help With Your Glamping Site Design?

We understand that the planning permission process can be difficult enough, and with glamping site designs coming into the mix, it can be very time consuming and can take your energy away from your business goals and values. Here at Glampitect, we offer assistance to people with their glamping site design, as we have a lot of experience in the glamping industry and understand what the councils are looking for. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at our Glampitect Visuals page where you can learn more about the services we offer relating to glamping site design and on how we can help you through the process in order to get your glamping site up and running.

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