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What are the Different Types of Glamping Pod? – Glamping Site Feasibility

Glamping Site Feasibility

For someone considering starting a glamping site, one of the big questions will always be ‘what type of glamping should I offer?’. We will discuss the different types of glamping ‘pod’ or unit here with the objective of helping people answer this question for their own potential glamping site. The fact of the matter is, different glamping unit types suit different locations and different demographics. By the end of this article we hope you will have a good idea of what type of glamping unit suits your land. So what are the different types of glamping ‘pod’ or unit:

What are the different levels of glamping unit:
  • Basic – shell with no internal features
  • Upper basic – shell with bed
  • Medium – bed and w/c
  • Lower high – bed, w/c and basic kitchen
  • High – bed, w/c, kitchen and underfloor heating or wood burner

Of course there are some ‘inbetweens’ to those levels of glamping unit, or you could go crazy and spec them even higher. Glampitect’s sister business North Coast 500 Pods is a glamping pod site, you can take a walk round below and see that they are high end and the type of unit they are is a glamping pod.


Types of Glamping Pods

Interior of a glamping pod


The traditional units when it comes to glamping are definitely the timber glamping pods. These are what pretty much everyone pictures when you say ‘glamping’. A lot of these units can be open year round due to the insulation and heating used in them.

As mentioned above there are many different levels of glamping pod, from very basic to very high end. In general we find that higher end pods have more demand due to the luxury element people associate with booking glamping stays.

If it were up to us, we would suggest traditional glamping pods are the way forward. We compare all the glamping pod manufacturers in the UK and for glamping pods, we would highly recommend Lune Valley Pods.


Glapmping pods outside night lighting


Shepherd's Hut - Type of Glamping Pod

These units seem to be very popular among potential glamping site owners. Shepherd’s huts do look great but they tend to have the price tag to match.

Generally hut’s come on wheels and raised off the ground, and are different to the type of glamping pod previously discussed. Occasionally manufacturers suggest that these can be installed and rented out without planning permission. If you would like to know more about that, check out whether or not your glamping idea needs planning permission.

For Shepherd’s Huts we would definitely recommend Greendown Shepherd’s Huts, they are fantastic at what they do. Get in touch with us if you would like to speak about them, as we can give independent reviews of glamping manufacturers.


External Greendown Shepheds


Yurts - Type of Glamping Pod

The third and final different type of glamping pod we will discuss is the yurt. Yes, it’s maybe not a ‘glamping pod’ but they are certainly popular!

glamping yurt

Typically yurts are a little lower spec, with toilet and shower facilities in a different place or unit. That being said they still command a great price at rental. Generally these units are seen in the South of England where weather is better than the rest of the UK.

We do not actually have a yurt manufacturer that we recommend at this stage but we are on the look out for them. In the meantime feel free to send us the manufacturers you are looking at and we can give you our opinions on them.

Those are the different types of glamping pod, contact us if you would like more detail!

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